Revint’s industry-leading technology identifies missed, misplaced and miscoded charges and aligns physician and hospital billing functions across inpatient, outpatient, primary care and specialty settings. With a continual focus on recognizing how, when and where missed or inaccurate coding, charging and documentation occurs – Revint helps identify additional revenue for its clients.
Our Solution

• Our proprietary technology creates a unique patient identifier to link all hospital and physician visits for an episode of care and identify missed revenue opportunities across that entire episode

• We deliver innovative technologies and processes that identify and categorize additional revenue opportunities where missed or inaccurate coding, charging and documentation occurred

• Revint auditors analyze coding, CDI and documentation during review of patient medical records to discover missed, misplaced or miscoded charges

• Comprehensive rules library applied at various levels depending on the payer contract(s) and coverage profile: federal/national, regional, state, and local levels

• We conduct true chart-to-claim audits by coupling our technology with expert reviewers to identify revenue opportunities that most review services miss

• We review client-specific charge capture policies and procedures to ensure our rule set is customized for each client

• Revint works behind-the-scenes to ensure no disruptions to your daily operations

Charge Capture Hospital | Physician


Revint’s charge capture system identifies payments that most traditional contract management and billing scrubbers miss. Our clients accept more than 80% of the revenue opportunities we present to them, saving your team the time and effort associated with high volumes of false-positives delivered through technology-only or in-house charge capture options.

Charge Capture Hospital | Physician


Our professional staff averages 20 years of real-world experience and all team members hold one or more Coding/HIM credentials, such as RHIA, RHIT, CCS, CPC, CPMA, etc.

Charge Capture Hospital | Physician


Revint delivers transparent, in-depth reporting to allow for longitudinal process improvements. Our services are delivered with minimal disruption – resulting in sustainable solutions.

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Charge Capture Hospital | Physician

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